It’s a brave new art world. Adapt or die. Harriet Flavel gives us an initiation into all things digital as galleries and artists accept the new norm.

Virtual Reality: Still from Christo and Jeanne-Claude’s ‘London Mastaba’ in Hyde Park, London, 2018 in Virtual Reality. Copyright and courtesy the estate of the artist, Acute Art, and the Serpentine Galleries, London.

Does art imitate life, or does life imitate art? To look at the industry and culture of art — the ‘art world’ — we certainly see reflected the values and power structures of wider society. What, then, of change? Digitisation has transformed society, rendering the realm in which we live unrecognisable from that of only a decade ago. Digitisation in and of the art world, however, has not been so swift nor determined…

Harriet Flavel

Digital strategist, producer, and writer.

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